Q: What is the difference between wealth management and investment management?

A: Investment management involves day-to-day decisions related to managing accounts held with our broker dealer. Wealth management is much broader. It involves setting and monitoring specific goals and providing advice in all areas of your financial life, incorporating things related to your outside accounts, insurance, cash flow, major purchases, taxes and estate.

Q: Will I be charged a fee for an initial consultation with an advisor?

A: No. The initial consultation is a casual way for you to meet one of our advisors and the rest of the team to see if we’re a good fit. Any potential future costs related to wealth or investment management will be discussed in detail prior to being billed.

Q: Does Flick Financial provide banking, lending, tax preparation, or accounting services?

A: No. We focus on providing advice for your wealth and investment management needs.

Q: Does Flick Financial have a business continuity plan if the current office cannot be used due to extraneous circumstances, such as a natural disaster or other emergency?

A: Yes, Flick Financial has a business continuity plan that ensures we can continue to serve our clients and provide access to their accounts in the case of an emergency. A copy of the plan is available upon request.